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Since you are ready for MORE and have a vision of Impacting the world MORE as well as supporting the chiropractic principle MORE, this is the event for you!

You can receive an unlimited all-access pass to the recordings of the Mile High Pediatric TIC Summit 2023 in your very own Mile High app, plus the recordings of the Mile High 2019 Science Summit, 2020 Philosophy Summit, 2021 Art of TIC Summit and 2022 Business TIC Summit. So, NOW you can level up your entire Mile High Summit experience.

*** Donations are tax deductible ***
Supporting further research will help you and the entire Chiropractic profession tremendously.

If possible, attend the Mile High Pediatric TIC Summit live. Get your VIP All Access Pass and have the chance to watch Mile High Summit speakers from the past 5 years over and over. There’s a wealth of information available to you! If it is not possible to attend the summit LIVE, then you will definitely want the VIP ALL ACCESS PASS to gain access to the Mile High Pediatric TIC Summit replays PLUS recordings of the last 4 summits.

Get your Mile high Summit VIP ACCESS now!

*** Donations are tax deductible ***
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